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8 Employee Time Tracking Software to Improve Productivity

We did all the research and gathered the top time tracking apps into one place. This makes it easy to choose the right one, whether you are a freelancer or a small business owner.

1. UBS PMS (Time Tracking Software)


UBS Time tracking software is a way to keep up with the organization’s record of the working hours and hours employees spend on different tasks at work. It helps you to make sure that your employees are compensated accurately. UBS PMS is designed to help you with all the aspects of handling a task, creating a project, and planning it, and then ultimately track the time invested into its completion. Here, you can make sure, the task is running on time. Add assign tasks, add a due date, set priority, designate tags, and mention followers. UBS PMS gives you the ultimate time tracker to keep your resources on point, working on the pre-planned tasks of your project.


Special features

  • Accurate reports for entry, tasks, and project
  • Easy to know the project’s progress
  • Help you to analyse the budget and find discrepancies


2. Harvest


Harvest allows you to track the time and expenses spent on each project. The data is then collected and created in visual reports. These reports make it easy for you to view your team’s work and make informed decisions about your business.


Harvest allows you to send invoices directly from Stripe or PayPal once the task or project has been completed. You don’t need to purchase additional invoicing or payment software. Harvest will politely remind your client if they forget to pay their invoice on time.


Special features

  • Automated creation of invoices and receipt of payments from clients
  • Clients receive automatic reminders about the invoices that need to be paid.
  • Comment and add notes to the tasks.
  • Visual reports


3. Qbserve


Qbserve, an automated time tracking Mac app and productivity tracker software, is especially useful for people who procrastinate. The app tracks time only if it finds a set of keywords in a document or URL or the app title. These keywords are set up when you first start the app. You can also add new keywords at any point.


Qbserve will track the time you spend on websites and apps with this keyword in their titles. This will allow you to count time spent on YouTube watching videos about time tracking into your billable hours. This is not true if you are watching cat videos.


Special features

  • Time tracking based on keywords.
  • One-time payment.


4. Clockify


Clockify can track the time you spend on projects with your team members. It has features like a timer and a default project. The default project is the default start timer and will automatically allocate time to your project. You can even set a reminder to remind people when they forget to turn on the timer. Clockify also provides visually appealing reports that you can use to assess which projects consume the most time. This will allow you to manage your effort better and help you and your team.


Clockify is easy to use and feels great. It integrates with many other apps and offers a sleek and intuitive interface that can be used on any supported browser or device. Clockify’s web app is user-friendly and easy to navigate. You can access it from any device or browser to view your progress and that of your team.


Special features

  • Sending reports to clients requires time rounding
  • Notifications about progress and time reviews on projects
  • Timesheet locking prevents backdated changes
  • If they are feeling overwhelmed, make sure to give time to others in your team

5. Timely

Timely is an automatic tracking app that’s as seamless as you can imagine. It records all information, including GPS locations, meetings, emails, documents, and websites. Timely will never require you to set a timer, so you can stay focused and not be distracted. Timely requires very little interaction unless you need to pull reports for any billable work.

Timely reports visualize everything, from your day to the location of your team’s resources. It is organized and easy to read. Timely also features an AI that learns your habits and adapts to your computer. The AI will start to create time entries for your computer, which will help you save time.

Special features

  • Planning for a project and team visualization, scheduling and resource balancing
  • Privacy-oriented automatic time tracking tracks all your work.

6. Tsheets

Timesheets are difficult to manage, inaccurate, and often not legible. Tsheets is a unique online solution to this problem. It allows employees to clock in via text, Twitter, phone, web browser or computer. You can attach images to illustrate your work. Employees can track their time from anywhere and accurately with Tsheets’ geofencing or reminders.

Tsheets make clocking in easy to ensure accurate employee time tracking. However, Tsheets is also one of the most cost-effective ways to do payroll. It can sync with many popular accounting tools such as Quickbooks Sage, Sage, Xero, etc. Once the administration has approved the hours, everything is easy from thereon.

Special features

  • Mobile-friendly GPS-based online attendance and time tracking
  • Invoicing and payroll with integrations to speed up the process and lower costs
  • Timesheet planning and project overviews

7. Workpuls

Workpuls software is an online time and attendance system that focuses on employee time tracking and analyzing work productivity to determine which employees are top performers and losers. The application is easy to use because it automatically tracks when employees start work. It runs in the background and monitors their work or other activities without revealing their identity (for example, by taking blurred-out screenshots).

Workpuls can also automatically allocate time and forecast budgets. This is an important feature. It is well-known that it can track productivity, which can be difficult and important. Workpuls makes this possible by automatically assigning work projects, so employees are not disturbed while also counting every second they spend on them. This gives you an accurate estimate of project costs. This allows you to bill clients accurately and eliminates human error in time reporting.

Special features

  • Monitor employees in real-time to understand productivity patterns and improve employee performance
  • Businesses that rely on remote workers can have automatic attendance and time tracking
  • As proof of work, project reports and budget tracking are shown with screenshots.
  • Based on employee computer activity, automatically generated timesheets.

8. BeeBole


BeeBole is a reliable timesheet app. It offers an employee time clock, project tracking or both. It is completely customizable and can be used to allow employees to clock in and out or to track time for clients and projects with a single click. You can track time daily, weekly and monthly in real-time. It’s easy to log attendance, vacations, or leaves of absence.

Managers can view the team overview to see a project status, employee performance, overtime, and team performance in one place. Approval flow makes it easy to bulk review, approve timesheets and request changes.

You can also use reports to gain valuable business intelligence such as employee time, budget and margin. Managers have the option to create the report they require or use the KPI dashboards to gain this valuable insight.

Special features

  • More than 30 reports and custom KPIs
  • Offline use of employee mobile app
  • Multiple currencies are used to bill costs
  • Approval of time entries
  • Modular flexibility
  • Integration between Google Suite and Microsoft 365
  • Get a free API
  • Available in 10 languages
  • Highly rated customer service in English, French and Spanish
  • DCAA and GDPR compliant

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